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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Ju-Jitsu cost?
    You will have a free trial lesson and then after this you will need to pay the yearly licence fee and then weekly class fees. Gi's and other equipment sold separately. See our prices page
  • Which class should I come to?
    There are four different clubs in Gravesend that are open to certain ages: Gravesend Classes: Wednesday - Adults (18+) 19:45-21:45 Thursday - School Years 2-5: 18:15-19:15 Thursday - School Years 6-9: 19:15-20:15 Thursday - School Years 10+: 20:15-21:45 Find us here ​
  • I am a beginner, what class should I come to?
    We do not have a specific class for beginners, classes are mixed from beginners to black belts. But there is no need to be worried about this, you will always get support from the Sensei's and other students; we all started as beginners! ​ See our classes on our home page!
  • Do I need to book classes?
    No need to book classes, just give us a call or email to let us know you're coming, we will make sure we look out for you!
  • Can I bring a friend with me?
    Yes of course! Haven't got someone to come with? not a problem, all of our students are friendly and inviting and we will always make sure you have someone to train with.
  • I am a woman, can I train?
    Yes! We welcome women into all our classes, as you can see two of our instructors are women and they have achieved very well in ju-jitsu. There isn’t anything that women cannot do in ju-jitsu and we will find a partner for you to train with.
  • Do you do women's only classes?
    We don't do women's only classes at this point in time. Women are welcome to come to any of our classes, which are all mixed.
  • Do you do 1-to-1 classes?
    At the moment we do not offer one-to-one classes for any age group.
  • What is the minimum age I can start ju-jitsu?
    We take children from 6 years old.
  • Am I too old to start ju-jitsu?
    No one is too old to start ju-jitsu, we have students of all ages and people who have started their ju-jitsu journey at 6 and others who have started at 60.
  • What should I wear to my first lesson?
    You should wear soft clothing with no zips, poppers or studs. We recommend jogging bottoms with a t-shirt. We train bare foot so you do not need shoes. Also all jewellery must be removed.
  • What happens in my first lesson?
    You will be introduced to the instructors in your class and be asked to fill out a form, this is for our knowledge about medical information and emergency numbers. You will then line up with the rest of the class and we will start the warm up. You will then be put with a partner or with a sensei to start learning breakfalls and the basics you need to know.
  • When do I need to get a Gi (Training uniform)?
    You will need a Gi before your first grading, so there is no rush to get one.
  • How long will it take me to get to black belt?
    This will depend on your age, the amount you train and when your sensei thinks you are ready. Adults take a minimum of 3 years to get to black belt with regular training.
  • What about competitions- Do I have to compete?
    No, you do not have to compete, competitions are optional. There are many categories which you can enter including: Ground Fighting Sparring Open Hand Kata Weapons Kata Pairs Kata (either open hand or weapons) Random Attacks We encourage you to come and watch competitions if you aren’t competing, they are always enjoyable and you may learn that you would like to compete. Most competitions are open to children, teens and adults.
  • Any other questions?
    Email other questions to
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