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Covid-19 Announcement

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus situation changing everyday we are sorry to say that all our classes are closed until further notice. With the new roadmap in play, we are hoping to be back by May with restrictions in place. We will update this page every week. For any concerns or questions please contact us on Phone, Email or Facebook, All contact details can be found here.

Last updated: 01/05/21

About North Kent Ju-Jitsu

NKJJK- North Kent Ju-Jitsu Kai is a club based in Gravesend, Kent.

Ju-Jitsu is a martial art originating from Japan.
Using locks, throws and pressure points, students are taught to defend themselves in almost all situations - preparing students for practical, real-life/street applications.

Everyone is welcome; there are classes for all ages and abilities.

Students go through a set syllabus for each belt or grade and when they are sufficiently prepared will take exams. As students pass up through the grades, they will learn more advanced techniques and can even look into separate syllabuses such as weapon training!

Classes & Times

There are five different clubs in Gravesend that are open to certain ages:

Gravesend Classes:

Wednesday - Adults (16+) 20:00-22:00

Thursday - School Years 2-5: 18:30-19:30

Thursday - School Years 6-8: 19:30-20:30

Thursday - School Years 9+: 20:30-21:30 

Friday- Adults (16+) 20:00-22:00

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Whitehill Primary School Class:

(Open only to students who go to Whitehill Primary School)

Monday - Children (Year 3+) 15:30-16:30

33 years of


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All instructors have DBS & Safeguarding and protecting children and vulnerable adults. They are all first aid trained and hold MAGB coaching qualifications.

Sensei Ann Kitchener- 5th Dan

Level 2 Coach

Ann has been doing ju-jitsu for 32 years, she started at the age of 22 and is now joint owner of North Kent Ju-Jitsu along with Sensei Terry Kitchener.

Ann is the highest ranked woman in Jikishin Ju-Jitsu. She started teaching children's classes in 2005. 

Sensei Grant Wakeman- 4th Dan

Level 2 Coach

Grant has been doing ju-jitsu for 32 years starting at the age of 25. He is known for his intensive warm ups.

Sensei Terry Kitchener- 4th Dan

Level 2 Coach

Terry has been doing ju-jitsu for 33 years. Starting at the age of 29 under Sensei Tony Trueman and is now the joint owner of North Kent Ju-Jitsu along with Sensei Ann Kitchener.

Sensei Trudi Kitchener- 2nd Dan

Level 2 Coach

Trudi has been doing ju-jitsu for 14 years, starting at the age of 7, following in her mum and dad's footsteps. She has won many National and International competitions and now helps with children's classes with the other Sensei's. 

Sensei Glenn Williamson- 1st Dan

Level 2 Coach

​Glenn has been doing ju-jitsu for 20 years, starting at the age of 28. He is now an instructor in the children's classes with Sensei Ann. 

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