Kent Competitions 2020 Information

Kent's 6th International Course & Competition


Date: Saturday 23rd May 2020

Time: 9:00am - Approximately 4:30pm

Location: Oaken Hall, Kilbarn Road, Ditton, Kent, ME20 6AH

Competition Training starts Wednesday 4th March 2020 from 7-8pm

at St Paul's Church, Singlewell Road/ Kings Drive, DA12 5BQ.

Prices - 

Adult Course & Competition (Over 18 years) - £35

Junior Course & Competition (Under 18 years) - £25

Course Only - £20

Adult Spectator (Over 18 years) - £6

Senior Spectator (Over 65 years) - £4

Junior Spectator (Under 18 years) - £4

Categories - 

*Please note you or your child can choose what categories you enter. Groups will be dependant on weight, age and belt colour.

  • Groundfighting

  • Random Attacks

  • Open Hand Kata

  • Weapons Kata

  • Pairs Kata (2 People, weapons or open hand)

  • Team Demo (3-8 People) 

Category Split - 

  • Groundfighting when possible is split into male/female 5kg weight categories, for example 'Girls 30-35kg'.

  • Random Attacks are split into grade and age categories, for example 'Green & blue belt, aged 8-10 years' 

  • Open Hand Kata is split into grade and age categories, for example 'Purple belt and above, aged 13-15 years'

  • Weapons Kata is split into grade and age categories, for example 'White & yellow belt, aged 7 and under'

  • Pairs Kata involves two people doing either a weapon or open hand kata together, there is also the option to make up a new routine. It is usually split into grade and age categories when possible.

  • Team demo is a new category this year, it is an open category and involves 3-8 people doing a demo. 

The course in the morning involves the students meeting and training with senior Sensei's from all over the UK. They will be taught new techniques and helpful tips. Then there will be a lunch break and at 12:10pm the competitions will start. 

Your Day

On arrival - 

You will be met by a Jikishin Sensei who will sign you in and give spectators wristbands.

Anyone entering a competition will have a secondary sign in where all detail/weights will be verified. All competitors competing in Groundfighting will be weighed on the same scales to be fair to all competitors.


Changing Facilities - 

There are changing areas but these can get very busy so we advise that you arrive in your Gi trousers at least.


Viewing Etiquette - 

We are unfortunately unable to give out the matt areas for each competition in advance, so we ask that you are flexible so that everyone can see their close ones perform. Please be aware that negative and aggressive language and shouting is not permitted. Please keep all comments positive and encouraging to all competitors.


Safety - 

There will be trained First Aiders on duty.


Food and Refreshments - 

We suggest you bring plenty of snacks and lunch with you as the kitchen can get busy with over 200 people attending. As you enter the building on the left there is a kitchen where you will be able to purchase drinks, cakes, crisps and sandwiches.

Timings - 

Registration/Sign In - 9:00am – 10:00am

Course - 9:30am – 11:30am

Lunch - 11:30am – 12:00pm

Walk On - 12:00pm

Competitions - 12:10 - 4:30pm

A few photos from past competitions:

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